"ART IN MY VEINS" Featured in Journal of American Medical Association

Art In My Veins, Philip Carey's medical self-portrait sculpture, was featured in the October 2016 issue of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. The article included a profile of Carey's work and his medical challenges:

A typical self-portrait documents the artist’s appearance. It may be self-serving, showing the subject’s more laudable attributes, or it may be more revealing of the sitter’s inner life. Artist Philip Carey has created a different kind of self-portrait, using disease as a catalyst to portray a universal feeling about the burden of being sick. His medical self-portrait, Art in My Veins, is a record of processes imposed on his body, a catalog of evidence that reflects excessive interventions required to heal.

The article can be previewed (and copies of the issue are available for purchase) here