"ART IN MY VEINS" Featured in Journal of American Medical Association

Art In My Veins, Philip Carey's medical self-portrait sculpture, was featured in the October 2016 issue of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. The article included a profile of Carey's work and his medical challenges:

A typical self-portrait documents the artist’s appearance. It may be self-serving, showing the subject’s more laudable attributes, or it may be more revealing of the sitter’s inner life. Artist Philip Carey has created a different kind of self-portrait, using disease as a catalyst to portray a universal feeling about the burden of being sick. His medical self-portrait, Art in My Veins, is a record of processes imposed on his body, a catalog of evidence that reflects excessive interventions required to heal.

The article can be previewed (and copies of the issue are available for purchase) here


Art in My Veins” is being exhibited in “The Big Hope Show” at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland through September 4, 2016. The sculpture, a life sized medical self–portrait, describes in a truthful but humorous way, Philip’s ongoing adventures with kidney failure, cancer, a heart condition and other medical annoyances. The work incorporates his medical postal envelopes, bandage faces and 10 years –worth of items saved from his medical procedures. As this show was being installed in Baltimore on September 18 2015, Philip was receiving his new kidney (thanks to his son, Ian) in California!

ArtPriz and ArtWalkCentral Accept 3D Collage for Exhibits

"I'm Being Attacked by the 1812 Overture" a large 3D collage with motion sensor has been accepted for ArtPriz and will be exhibited at Bridgewater Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan  for ArtPriz Show September 24 - October 12, 2014. The piece has also been accepted by Art Reach of Mid - Michigan for the ArtWalkCentral Show in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan August 1 - 23.

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