Envelope Art

I am now celebrating my new kidney transplant, but for six years I had lots of extra time to use during my three-times-a-week Kidney Dialysis treatments. When I re-connected with long-lost girlfriend Linda Ferreira seven years ago (after 45 years from a past life), I started making illustrated envelopes during dialysis to send to her.  I’ve done about 450 originals and mailed them to her in Portland, Oregon. Some of the more interesting ones are color Xeroxed in editions of twenty, then numbered, signed and sold in museum shops around the United States, and in Greenland. The copies have gone all over the world. I hope the recipients, and the postal clerks, enjoy them!

NOW AVAILABLE! The new envelope art collection THIS IS ME AT DIALYSIS DRAWING ME AT DIALYSIS DRAWING ME AT DIALYSIS, featuring 140 color illustrations. Pick up your copy here!