Art in my veins

Philip’s newest sculpture, Art in My Veins, will be exhibited at The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore from October 3, 2015 – September 4, 2016.  The sculpture, a life sized medical self-portrait, describes in a truthful but humorous way, Philip’s ongoing adventures with kidney failure, cancer, a heart condition and other medical annoyances.  The work incorporates his medical postal envelopes, bandage faces and numerous items saved from his medical procedures.  The sculpture will be exhibited in The Big Hope Show at the museum—a show representing twenty-five visionary artists, among them many “super survivors” of enormous personal traumas. 

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, the museum's Founder/Director, had this to say about the piece:

Simply put, Philip Carey’s “Art in My Veins” bleeds art. A life-sized self portrait wrought from the meds, IV’s, decorated bandages and machines that together with his playful sense of humor kept Carey alive through a litany of illnesses that would have killed even a bull elephant. Carey’s “Art in My Veins” is a sculptural toast to life and hope, miraculously installed at the American Visionary art Museum on the very day—September 18, 2015—that Philip Carey at last won his battle for what has now proved a most successful kidney transplant. A featured work in “The Big Hope Show,” Carey’s “Art in My Veins” inspired my essay on the 22 people who die each day waiting for an organ donor for every willing potential donor who comes forth. A rare triumph artistically speaking, “Art in My Veins” inspired four museum visitors to gift one healthy kidney to total strangers. Philip Carey excels in the art of living, laughing, persistence and the wielding of art as honest and lively reflection of his own very remarkable life. The viewers of his art have taken that artistry an inspired step further.