Dream Drawings & the Dream Drawing Books

Carey’s subconscious manifests into delightfully artistic tableaus, panels, and dreamscapes. When he’s sleeping, he’s actually hard at work!
STEVE MARTIN, author, An Object of Beauty

I have vivid dreams. When one is interesting enough, I turn it into a drawing. To save time and space, I illustrate my dreams on 3x5 in. Post-It Notes. I love the crazy dream stories, and just enjoy celebrating them without any analysis. When I have enough, I publish them in a small volume, each containing a complete glossary with bios of all the unknowing folks who inhabit my dreams. The first three volumes (all out of print) were: 

  • The President of Mexico Is Turning Back All People Who Are Carrying Chairs! and Other Recent Dreams
  • I'm On Patrol in Iraq with My Unit of Combat Soldiers, But Instead of Weapons, They Have Musical Instruments, and I'm the Singer! and 99 More Recent Dreams
  • The Monsignor Has Arrived for My Bar-B-Que But Gophers Have Eaten All the Crackers! and 178 Other Strange Dreams

The newest volume, I'm Being Attacked by the 1812 Overture! and 124 Other Strange Dreams of Philip Carey, is now available for purchase! Below are some dreams from this newest volume.

The Strange Dreams of Philip Carey: A Multimedia Series

In 2012, I commisioned composers William Vollinger and Linda Ferreira to create a series of nine musical adaptations of my dream drawings. Performances of the songs, with editing and animation by Stephen Paschke, can be seen below.

Meet Philip Carey: Artist / Singer / Dreamer Filmed at his home in Morro Bay, California Filmed and Edited by Stephen Paschke in January of 2012